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Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée has a specialized branch for English speaking customers. Access to this branch is only reserved for people who have an interest in our department. We may not be able to follow up requests from you if your interest is in another part of France. You should make an inquiry in one of the CA local branches.

You hold or you are purchasing a house in our area, Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée can offer you a comprehensive and attractive buildings and contents insurance as far as your main, we have the Key to provide cover for main residences, secondary residences and rented properties.

To obtain a quote, contact us; we will be pleased to answer you quickly.


There are four insurances:

1 - The "New for Old" Package

You have just (or will) acquire your new French property. To best insure your new property, choose the option ‘Rééquipement à neuf’ (New for old): when claiming for a loss, all the contents of the property, without exception, will be replaced by new goods of similar characteristics and quality, without any reduction for depreciation, whenever they were bought. Personal estate and electrical insurance, swimming-pool, freezer, hifi, household electrical appliance...

This is an important advantage in the face of the unexpected, without unbalancing your finances! In the case of an accepted claim, you do not need to pay up-front your repairs (after any eventual excess), and you can profit from an effective assistance.


2 - The "Comfort" Package

It includes the most comprehensive cover package after the "New for Old" package, also without reductions for depreciation. Personal estate, electrical insurance and swimming-pool.


3 - The "Eco" Package

It includes the basic guarantees and cover, personal estate insurance.


4 - The "Batimmo" Package

It is a owner insurance. The owner must not live in the property, only for renting properties. Same garanties as "Comfort" package.


You will have at your disposal our network of recognised tradesmen 24Hrs a day

The tradesmen are directly managed by the Crédit Agricole. You can also carryout the repairs yourself, the cost of the material will be refunded. You can replace the objects which have destroyed or stolen, and the supplier is directly paid.


A helping hand in the case of large losses

If the amount of the losses included is more than 20% of the value of your property and its contents, then you will receive the refund of 3 months worth of your current mortgage, on top of the cost of the repairs.


Your claim will be taken on immediately

In the case of a loss, your claim will be taken on by the team on a free telephone number, 24hrs a day and 7days a week.
You will have an interlocutor who will provide you with efficient and rapid solutions service, following your case through to its resolution.
Our Home insurance Solutions:
· The Eco package – the basic guarantees and cover
· The Comfort package – a firm cover which includes numerous options

· The New for Old package – the most comprehensive cover package, without reductions for depreciation.

It is important that you provide the full address and post code for your French property to obtain a satisfactory quote. To take up the insurance cover, it is necessary to have a bank account with C/A Keyfinance as the insurance premiums are payable by direct debit from the bank account.

To obtain a quote, contact us; we will be pleased to answer you quickly.